Tooth Brushing

Aesthetic dentistry involves teeth and their health. Whitening and polishing teeth have a great effect on beauty and smiley correction . One of the services in dentistry is dental brushing and brushing. With the massaging of the teeth, you can get rid of the jaundice of the teeth for a long time.

gums is referred to as mass. This mass, in addition to the appearance of teething, can cause damage to the teeth and, in turn, causes tooth decay. Smoking, coffee and tea have a lot of effect on teething. Therefore, the best way is to eliminate the mass of the tooth for the health and beauty.

Scrubbing is not harmful to the teeth

Food with saliva on the teeth slowly causes the mass. At first natural brushing and dental flossing can eliminate these masses, but when it is increased and precipitated on the teeth, they only get rid of the scaling and brushing of the tooth. In dentistry, it is very important to remove the tooth mass and remove jaundice in the teeth. Dental scaling is a therapeutic process in beauty dentistry, which must be done by a dentist. In addition to preserving the appearance of dentistry, it also cares about the health of the tooth. Many people have the wrong belief that scrubbing removes tooth enamel and slowly tooth decay. In fact, the mass is harmful to the teeth and causes the cause of tooth decay and gum disease, not scrubbing. When the mass is placed on the tooth, it acts like an insulating layer, and it is possible that the person does not feel the heat and cold on the teeth. After scrubbing, it is possible for a few days to have a person’s teeth sensitive to cold and heat, but This is a temporary allergy.



Cosmetic dentistry for scouring

In dentistry, for the purpose of massaging teeth that are superficially damaged, a tool such as a dental scrubber is used to remove the deposition on the tooth. For more severe scamming, the dentist uses a tool such as an ultrasound that removes the tooth pin from the metal head and then rinses it with a spray. Scrubbing is one of the painless dentistry services because it does not injure teeth or gums. If a person brushes after regular scrubbing and observes oral hygiene, then it will not be necessary to scourge.

The role of brushing in dentistry

Today, toothpastes containing pyrophosphate are advertised that can control the mass of the teeth and gums, but they can not remove the mass from the teeth. The use of this toothpaste is appropriate to prevent the formation of mass on the tooth. In any case, scrubbing is the only way to eliminate the masses deposited on the tooth. In dentistry, after dentistry, a hand-held instrument that has a plastic roller is polishing or brushing along with a dough called prophylaxis. In fact, brushing causes the teeth to be eaten and the beauty of the teeth.

The stages of tooth scratching

When a dentist visits a dentist, the dentist first examines the condition of his teeth. If there is no dental problem or inflammation of the gum, the dental mass or gum is cleaned by the mask. This is due to the fact that superficial masses disappear to prevent the deposition of teeth. Then, using a toothbrush, the teeth are completely cleaned to completely remove the mass on the tooth and gum. Then, the dentist removes special teeth from the teeth between the teeth. Then fluoride treatment is performed after brushing teeth.


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