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Dr. Ali Shibani, a dentistry surgeon, graduated from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 1998 and has 20 years of experience.

Perform all surgical procedures, lamination, orthodontics, neurology and so on

twenty years experience

The best and most modern features

Holder of various international certificates

Experience the best service at Dr. Sheibani dental office

Some courses have passed

– Beauty course of Bastiu Inquiou from Shahid Beheshti University
– Implant course from IIDI center
– Implant course from InterAlac United, Alpha Teck Germany, Tic Sousse Italy, and Implantum of South Korea
– Orthodontics course from University Jihad University of Tehran
Member of the InterAlac Association of America and Alfecke Germany

dental office equipped

With the most modern equipment and the best facilities ready to serve you.